Programming language and convention

A programming language does not enforce rules. It just gives you the means to tell a computer how to do something.

In my previous job I saw how SQL was being mis-used and how there was a lack of design used in implementing certain databases. The language doesn’t guide you to creating good databases; this is something you learn through the years and pick up from reading or from whatever class or seminar you participate in.

The same goes with C++. The language itself does not enforce good programming style or the use of idioms to convey to developers what you mean, if you are relying on idioms to tell the developer what your intention was.

From what I can anticipate, there may be people reading this and agreeing with me… also saying that developers should really read up on resources that show how to properly set up databases or how to properly use a programming language to implement something.

There may some that read this and wonder what I am talking about. I’ve read that code can be the signature of a developer’s DNA. Please, if you are going to leave your print, try to not leave a bloody mark behind 😉

Here are two interesting reads that I dug up recently that may be helpful to some:

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