USB Overdrive to the rescue

Earlier this year, I took the plunge and bought myself a WASD Code Keyboard, with Cherry MX Green buttons and 0.2mm sound dampeners… it’s oh soooo nice! (

This keyboard was paired up to my 2017 MacBook Pro; I type a lot for a living and and mechanical keyboards work well for what I do.

When the laptop was on all the time, I didn’t have any issues. However, if the computer would go to sleep, sometimes, I would find that the keyboard would not work.

To get the keyboard to work again, the USB connection had to be disconnected, then reconnected.

Not a big deal if this only happened once in a while, but the keyboard not working after the computer came back from sleep mode was almost 100%.

On the internet, there were some wierd suggestions to get around this problem, one of which included using a USB extension cable.

Thankfully, I found a forum that suggested installing USB Overdrive (, and thankfully, that had fixed the problem.

It seems that even with the latest macOS, Mojave, I still have to use USB Overdrive.

If you experience the same issue, maybe this app can help you out too.

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