Perforce DVCS and iCloud Drive

I use Perforce DVCS for almost all of my projects: it’s a great new feature for p4, and I use it on a daily basis, given, I usually away from my home server.

Now, there is one DVCS instance I use, which happens to be on my iCloud Drive folder.

That seemed to work well … until one day …

The instance stopped working. It didn’t recognize the DVCS client name, and when it would pop up the name in the error log, most of the client name was chopped off… even though I can see the client name in the “.p4config” file.

Not sure why that happened… but I’m guessing it may have something to do with iCloud Drive 😐

No biggie, since I have my data backed up to the server anyway.

Just made a new folder on my hard drive… not in iCloud Drive, and cloned my client again: “p4 -u jaimerios clone -p ubuntuserver:1666 -r AngryMittens_remote”

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